Fuck Yeah Johnny Rapid!

Mar 8

Fan Request: Johnny rapid and Ty Roderick

do you know Johnny`s real name?


No I don’t, I don’t think they put it online or in interviews unless anyone knows any different. 

Everything Johnny Rapid does is amazing and hot.

Yes it is :p 

I would love to see Johnny Rapid and Brent Everett in a scene together. That would be so hot. Could that ever happen?


I thought I remembered them doing a scene together but cant seem to find anything now. It would definitely be hot :) Anything is possible but from what I know Brent is locked in as a exclusive model for C1R so the chances are low.  

Do you happen to have or find any of him bb or creampie lol

Nope sorry. Don’t think he’s done either, unless anyone out there knows any different?